1What is project fee?
With Woodnest.in you get one of the best end-to-end home design experiences in the world. Your project fee is a fixed fee that covers design, project management and much more. The scope of your home design project informs the project fee. For more information, please speak to your project manager or designer.
2What are Woodnest.in professional services?
At Woodnest.in, we offer end-to-end solutions for home interiors, that include woodwork, appliances, accessories, counter-tops, false ceilings, wall painting, decorative partitions and panelling , wooden flooring, loose furniture, wallpapers and more.
3Can I get just a part of my Home Designed?
In most cases, yes, Woodnest.in can work with you to design a part of your home, be it just your modular kitchen or your living room. However, we suggest a consultation with our design consultants to get a definite answer, based on your unique scope of work.
4Is there a charge for the design services?
No, design services are complimentary. There is no separate fee for designing.
5What is the process of execution and installation?
Once the sign-off is complete, 95% of the units are manufactured at a production factory. These units are then brought to the work site (your home) and are assembled and installed. This minimizes clutter and wastage, and reduces the work duration at your site.
6Can I make changes in the design after the interior work starts?
It is not possible to make any changes once the design has been finalized and the production has started.
7How can I make the payment?
You can make payments through a Cheque , credit/debit card or online transfer.
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